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Bro. Carl Smith

by By: Members of Beauregard United Methodist Church
(Wesson, MS, USA)

Bro. Carl Smith is the pastor of Beauregard United Methodist Church in Wesson, Mississippi. He is the best pastor I've ever known. He is dedicated and willing to serve his church members day or night, however it doesn't stop there. He is also willing to serve our church members extended family as well as other people in our community.

He has a God given talent for preaching the word of God. His sermons are wonderful and always keep your attention. I've heard many people say, "he was talking just to me."

He is a talented musician and singer and always gets you in that spirit when he sings.

Bro. Carl is a prayer warrior and always willing to pray with you or for someone he doesn't even know.

He, his wife Malisia and their son Garrett are our family and we love them. We honestly wouldn't know what to do without them. They sincerely care about other people and are always willing to offer their support and prayers whenever needed.

He is not only the pastor of a busy church but also holds down a full time job, serves on many Emmaus Walks, sings with his group the Beesons at different gatherings and much much more.

He and his family are very special to us at Beauregard United Methodist Church and we feel very blessed to have all of them.

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Rev. Carl
by: KDMC

Not only does Brother Carl pastor his church but he also is here for employees, patients and others who benefit from his hospital ministry. He is a blessing to me and many many others here at KDMC.

Laughter is a gift from above....
by: Anonymous

It's a rare thing to meet a man of 'the cloth' who takes salvation seriously but himself lightly. That is Brother Carl. He is always willing to laugh at himself, at you(when you need it!), and at the world. He can make any situation better with his own unique brand of humor and faith combined. His faith is strong, his heart is huge and his smile is wide. There are days when you need a shoulder to cry on (and I have), days when you need a laugh to get you moving (ditto that)and days when you need a reminder that God is there and He does love you (too many time to count!). Somehow this 'super-preacher' does all that and more. We love and apppreciate this special man and his family. They never cease to bless our families' and our lives. Thank you for all that you do.

Bro. Carl

Thank you for being my pastor. You, Malisia, and Garrett are very much appreciated and loved by all of us at BUMC. Thank you for letting me and my family depend on you for advice, counsel, comfort in times of need, your encouragement and prayers as we go through our lifes trials and tribulations, illness, surgeries etc. Your sermons and the way you live your life are lessons for us to go by to learn the ways of God. May God bless you, Malisia and Garrett as you guide us into a deeper relationship with our Lord. Thank you again.

Love in Christ,
Billie Jean

Bro. Carl
by: Tommy Cook

Thanks for being our pastor,we have always been blessed with good pastors at BUMC. We know to get a pastor who can preach,teach,and sing makes us feel we have won the triple crown for preachers.
God chose you to come to BUMC and God is never wrong! You and your family are a true blessing to all of us.
Keep teaching,preaching and singing the word of God and many will choose Jesus. This is your true calling in life and because of this BUMC will be always be blessed by God for you being part of our family.
We will always be praying for you and your family.

God Bless

You Rock!!!!!!
by: Brenda Smith

Talk about dreams coming true.
God gave you that dream, and you
have fullfilled it a thousand times
over. You let Jesus take you by the
hand, and walked in faith. What you
do at Beauregard, is so appreciated!
But, more importantly, you are working
towards a crown, that will last through
eternity. That is the BIG PICTURE!


Bro. Carl
by: Kelly Smith

Bro. Carl has been a great pastor. He is always there when you need him. Any time you call on him he will help whether in prayer, visit, or just to talk. Beauregard is very fortunate to have such a Godly man for our pastor. I hope he is here for years to come.

Love in Christ,

by: Mandy Armstrong

Thank you for being there for me as a pastor and a friend. You were there for me and my family needed you in the darkest of time when I believed there was no light to see. You prayed for my most precious daughter that I am blessed with every day of my life. You have prayed for my marriage to make it through and look where it is at. My marriage is the best that it has ever been. You are a wonderful child of God. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We love you.

Thanks to my pastor
by: Lynn

Bro. Carl,

God has truly blessed you with the Holy Spirit. He has guided you in your sermons and in the way you live. It shows in ways you are probably not even aware. An example of that is when you spend your week praying and preparing a sermon and come Sunday the Holy Spirit says "nope, not that one today. Trust me and follow my lead". Invariably, those sermons turn out to be wonderful spirit filled sermons. This is just one way you inspire me to lean completely on the Holy Spirit in my own life, in all that I do. Especially when it is something really "out of the box"!!

As one of the older members of the congregation, I can tell you (from a "motherly" standpoint) that you have grown as a pastor from a nervous, somewhat insecure young man into a confident, dedicated, spirit filled man of God.

Thank you for encouraging me to go to Emmaus. That event, alone, has shown me more of God's love and moved me to a higher level of spirituality. It was also the springboard for me into Kairos. I would have never considered prison ministry if it had not been for Emmaus. When God has a plan and we let him use us, wonderful,fullfilling things happen. You were very instrumental in all this.

Then there is your family. What can you say about such a humble Godly wife and son. They compliment you so completely. Malisia and Garrett we love you guys so and just don't tell you enough.

My thanks and love to you and your family, Lynn

by: Kaylee Tarver

Brother Carl has been a very special person in my life. There is nothing I can't talk to him about. And he actually listens. He helped me when I fell away from God, through the chaos. And now I'm closer than I have ever been with my walk. He is so up-beat and fun to be around, never a dull moment when he is in the room. Thank you Brother Carl. Kaylee

What you mean to me
by: Sandi Rand

Bro. Carl, Thank You for being such a great pastor to me and my family. Many people don't know about the wonderful things that you have done and continue to do for people within BMUC as well as people that you don't even know. I will never ever forget what you have done for me & my family. The countless prayers, many talks of encouragement and just simply being a friend are just some of the things that come to my mind that make you such a special pastor.

You know how they say behind every great man, stands a strong wonderful woman! Well in this case, behind you stands a strong wonderful caring woman and a wonderful kind and gentle loving son. Many people would not know what to do without the Smith Family that we willingly and lovingly adopted many years ago. God will have a special blessing in store for you, Malisia & Garrett one day!

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