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Bobby L. Brown

by Hildred Jones
(Macon, Ga.)

Pastor Brown, When I read this I thought of you. For your Victory Celebration, these scriptures will really make your day. 17 years has passed and another day will be refreshed with year number 18.

This is the day...
that you get to begin a new week.
This is the day...
that you're loved just as you are.
{1 John 4:18}
This is the day...
you have everything you need.
{2 Peter 1:3}
This is the day...
that victory is yours.
{Romans 8:37}
This is the day...
that God has made.
{Psalm 118:24}

There's never been one like it before and there will never be again. You're in this moment, time, place for a purpose and you've got what it takes to fulfill it.
So to say it like we do in the South...
Go get 'em, ! by Holley Gerth, DaySpring Writer

Enjoy every moment... Hildred

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Your Love and Committment
by: The Northcutt Family

We love you for all you do for God's people. We as a family personally want to thank you for your continued support and prayers for our family.Thank you for the vision God has given you and We love being a part of this great vision. Just know that we love you as a Pastor and a brother in Christ. As we move forward in this ministry, we know God has great plans for Mt Calvary. Thanks for being an angel for our family!!!! We Love You Pastor Brown & Family....

Happy Anniversary
by: Althea Hawkins-Iutzi

Wishing you all the best on your 17th Anniversary! I enjoy your service so much when I visit with my mother(Mrs. Walker). Althea, Bonita Springs, Fl.

Happy Anniversary
by: Margaret Walker

Congratulations on your 17 years, I hope you have many more. Mrs. Margaret Walker

God Has Chosen You
by: The Northcutt Family

Just for His purpose, God has chosen you to lead us and we are so very grateful for all you do. These 17 years has been filled with the teaching and preaching power that God has given you to help us build up spiritually as we live peacefully with the knowledge of God's Word in our heart. Faith is really in action as the Word goes forth at Mt. Calvary and the works are justified by the committment you and your family have for the Lord. Continue to stay steadfast, unmovable and abiding. We Love You and may God continue to Bless You All........... The Northcutt Family

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