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by Angie Pena
(San Juan, Texas)

This is my Pastor =)

This is my Pastor =)

My Pastor has been there for me as well as for the rest of our church day in and day out! I'm pretty sure a lot of us will say the same about their pastor's....but mine is special when she was going through her toughest time EVER we (the congregation) never knew of this, because she was strong and no matter what, she was there at all times..I used to think that only us the sheep would go through trials and tribulations....boy was I wrong!!! I never knew that at the time I was going through a very hard divorce for 1 1/2 she was going through worse. She never showed any signs of weakness, pain, sadness, nothing! We all came to find out after 3 years that some of the things she was going through and WOW!!! She is something else, God really knows how to choose the right Shepherd for the flock and he chose the PERFECT one for me! I thank God every day for giving my family and I life and then for my Pastor...May the Lord Bless her every single day!!!! Thanks for letting me share this with you all...God Bless you all for having this site up as well, its awesome!

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