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Bishp Kenneth Trawick, Senior Pastor

(Milford, CT,USA)

My Pastor and his wife are truly a blessing from the Lord!! They are both so caring and bold for the Lord.

My Pastor, Bishop Ken Trawick, is a man after God's own heart. He prays and seeks God's face daily and takes heed to what the Lord is speaking. He is a man that is not afraid to share the Word of God with boldness and love all at the same time. He has a great vision for us his church, (his flock) and he is determined to see it to completion.

The devil has constantly tried to tear him and his lovely wife to pieces and has not succeeded and my church prays fervently for them.

We just entered a new building in January of this year and my Pastor has I'm sure grown weary at times but has never shown the congregation it.

From the moment I stepped into the church with my husband and sons I knew that this is where the Lord wanted us. This Man of God and his family are truly walking in the ways of the Lord and we as a family appreciate them very much!!!

God Bless you Bishop Trawick and Sister Pam! God Bless you!!!

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