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Bishop Zachary Neal Hicks

by leslie A Pugh
(Detroit, Michigan USA 48213)

I give God all the Glory for my Bishop and pastor Zachary Neal Hicks, who in spite of his status and position as a Bishop has a servant's heart and not a BIG head.

Bishop Hicks is flexible, compassionate, and a role model of Christ to those within the church and to sinners outside the church. He is a sanctified servant of God. He is faithful to the call of God to lead souls to Christ Jesus. He is committed, dedicated and fervent to the sacred work of building God's kingdom and Not his own kingdom.

Bishop is a humble man. A great man of prayer. Bishop does what God has assigned him to do. He feeds the poor, visits the sick, the widows and provides housing to the houseless and disenfranchised .

He lives a life of faith, hope and charity. He is respected by the community, by the laity and by his family. He leads and feeds the sheep that God has given him. His favorite quote is "follow me as I follow Christ" He abhors money, he shuns evils and does good to all men. We love our pastor, and we pray daily for Bishop Zachary Neal Hicks of Detroit, Michigan.

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