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Bishop Louis Clark

by Prophetess Tanya
(Chicago, IL)

A true annoited appointed, power packed prophet, heaven sent man of God. Who preach & teaches the living gospel. He is a walking example of God desire for his people. He walks in holiness, righteous, humbleness, gracefulness, meekness faithfulness, among much favor. He demostrate love,honor & power of the most high. Most importantly he is committed & dedicated to his children at Shephard Kingdom Ministries\Coalition. We appreciate,love and honor our pastor Bishop Louis Clark.

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by: Anonymous

God truly uses this great man of God. He is a pioneering pastor of pastors and leader of leaders. He is loved and respected throughout the world. Through the grace of God as Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Coalition International Fellowship, Bishop Clark is forging forward gathering, planting, strengthening and building churches and ministries across the globe.

Thank you for all you do, Bishop Louis Clark!

Thank you
by: ivanetta Harries

A true prophet of God,who has been instrumental in my life. My pastor Bishop Louis Clark. :):):)

by: Anonymous

HIGHLY annoitted!!!!!!!!!

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