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Bishop Jan D Gooodman Sr.

by Irish M King
(Jacksonville Florida)

I think God for my Pastor Bishop Jan D. Goodman Sr. Whom I know has God's people in his heart. He is a man as Moses was, caring for the people that God has placed him over. I feel like Queen Sheba when she said to King Solomon, "the half has not been told." He is a man of Wisdom that I have never experienced, when God speaks to him, you know that he has been with the Lord. He has a revelation from the word of God that is unreal. I have heard hundreds of Pastors, Bishops and Evangelist preach the word of God, but Bishop Jan D Goodman, Sr. goes beyond the norm, he Preaches as though he walked with Jesus when He was on earth with his disciples. It seems he was as Paul, God's chosen vessel to carry the Gospel to a place that most Preachers don't even think about. He preached a message (In That Place), being so close to God that he will defend you when you don't know you need defending. He spoke about Moses, Aaron and his sister Miriam, how God said to them, I don't speak to Moses as I do you, I speak to you in dreams and visions, but my servant Moses I speak to him face to face. They were asked how dare you talk about my servant Moses, and also said they should be scared to say anything against Moses, I paraphrased the message. Are we in a place that God will defend us?

I wish that all could hear him bring the word of God alive!!!!!!!!!!! It would be an experience that you would never forget. Bishop Goodman is not only called, but truly chosen by God. I believe that if the world could hear they would know he is the 21st century Moses, Paul, Joshua, and King Solomon. I truly am blessed to be under such a man as this, Bishop Jan D. Goodman, Sr.

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