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Sep 18, 2012
Shacking to Shouting
by: Anonymous

Early members of the church ,Bishop freeze
found them during his home visit unmarried
and shacking up , He prayed with them until
they accepted salvation. Then He performed
the wedding ceremony and accepted them
into his church. About twelve families
were received in the church through this

Sep 18, 2012
Education For his Children
by: Anonymous

Twenty five families, with high school
graduates attending bishop Freeze church
received one hundred dollar scholarships
among the colleges they attended.

Sep 18, 2012
compassion for the needy
by: Anonymous

Bishop Freeze and his wife Mildred Freeze were
making a home visit with a mother and her two
daughters. During the bible study.

Bishop Freeze learned that had the house electric
power was off for non payment and they were
being evicted on the next day.

Bishop Freeze, stopped the Bible Study.
took the family to his home and kept them
in his guest and transferred the children to
the public schools kept them in their home
at no cost. He did the same for another family
he met during mission work

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