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Bishop Audrey Bronson

by Boaz

My Bishop is the best I am so glad I have experienced her preaching for over a decade It is because of her I am saved today. She is also the first female president of Philadelphia Black Clergy and vicinity. She happens to preside over 22 churches across the U.S & 22 IN AFRICA

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The Great Leader
by: Anonymous

Oh what a leader God has given us. An anointed women of God. Preacher, Teacher, Leader and a person who delivers the Word of God, with power and conviction. Many have been saved under her ministry.
Being a member has allowed me to know God for who he is, and the blessing that you can receive by knowing and believing in Him.

Thank you.
by: Anonymous

Bishop Audrey Bronson
I remember your speech many years ago in Chester, Pa. at Calvary Baptist Church. I have never forgotten the impact you made on my life . Congratulations. Min. A Williams

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