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Ashish Thomas

by Shyam Rao
(Dubai )

We are so blessed, privileged and honored to be in the Dubai City Church and under your leadership. You both are so special to me and my family. You are our spiritual Parents. We appreciate your love towards us. We love you pastor. You both are so special to us. On this special day we want to wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary

With lots of love

shyam & Smita

Comments for Ashish Thomas

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Spiritual Parents
by: Prasad Kotum - Dubai

Our lives have changed after attending your service in Dubai City Church.We are so blessed to be a part of your congregation pastor and we are enjoying the Promises of our God everyday in our lives.We thank you for the Life transforming word week on week and pray and release abundant blessings in your life. We love you Pastor and wish you a very happy wedding anniversary. Much Love - Prasad & Amor

Revealing the truth about GOD
by: Vandana

Awesome man of GOD, helps you to understand heavenly father's love so well that you can never forget.
Thank you pastor for coming to Bangalore and preaching the word of GOD.

Now that's my Pastor and First Lady
by: Yvonne Quarles

I need to write a tribute to my Pastor nd wife, I didn't know how to get started, but when I read these comment my mind opened up because they voiced my sentiments exactly and more. I know what to write without being a copy cat, and even if I did, it only states that we all are blessed with good leaders.

Samuel & Amy Priddy
by: Cooper's

My husband ,James and I know we have the best Pastor and wife team in East Texas and just maybe in the entire world ,
They teach and preach what we see as impossible , As possible and it comes to pass ,
We praise the Lord for their leadership,
We say thank you for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way.

by: Neville

I thank God for a Pastor who goes beyond his calling and believes in the potential that lies unexplored in every individual's life. I have achieved what i believed was formerly impossible until i served under Pastor Ashish's ministry. May God's blessings be on you and your wife as you continue to bless our family.

Our Pastor - the Giver
by: Ajay & Kiran Dodeja

Our Pastor, you are a gift which God has blessed us with. It is through you that we have learned to live and have received the gift of life. It is through the blessings we have received in this church that we hold our baby "Ashvik" in our arms. Thank you Pastors for being our spiritual parents. With you around, we will never feel lost. We love you and thank you.

by: Anonymous

The Bible comes alive in his teachings, one understands the WORD of GOD from his sermons, a great leader and Man of God

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