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Are there Gifts for Pastor's Husbands?

by Yasha
(Chicago, IL)

What is an appropriate gift for a pastor's husband? (wife is pastor) I am having a hard time finding any kind of plaque or gift. Everything seems geared toward Pastor's wives, but in our growing culture more women are heading churches and their husbands support their work in the ministry.

ANSWER: You are correct in your assessment - there are very few gifts specifically for husbands of pastors. That's simply because of the statistics: about 97% of pastors are men. There is, as you observe, an increasing number of female pastors. So I'm sure there will come a day when gifts for them will start to appear.

For now, though, I would just stick to general gifts that are designed to fit with your pastor's husband's interests. Does he do work around the house? Garden? Play golf? I would get him a gift that is related to his interests.

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