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Appreciation..all the month of October

by L
(Chicago, IL)

Last year we wanted time for everyone to have time to appreciate our Pastors..(every ministry in the church) so what we did was that every week a ministry organized something and presented it to them.

for example first week:

**the children did a skit of the lost sheep that the pastor went after, they were dressed in cheap clothing. It was nice becasue it refences how the pastor cares for his sheep in the congregation.

**the older tweens, made a video about the church news that occured that year, but it was like an actual news cast, and they were the reporters. we had them watch it in the service. They did that becasue our pastors love watching the news.

**The mens ministry prepared a song and gifts were given to the pastor.

**we dramatized a song...that says how we are the light of the world. Letting them know that they have been a light and we have learned to let our light shine by their example. We all carried battery operated candles. We also presented her with gifts.

and the last week we had a banquet and we always decorate their table extra special and sit them and all the pastoral family together.....
we also decorate the church

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