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Apostle Toney Allen

by Aprie Allen
(Macon, Georgia)

Apostle/Pastor Toney L. Allen: He is truly a man of God, he doesn't lower his standards for anyone, he calls all humanity higher unto the Father. His walk is that of Christ Jesus, never compromising the Faith.

He is a man that God has ordained. He is a vessel built for Jesus' ministry to live out with expectancy. He is a great leader of men and a trustworthy teacher to God's women and children.

He carries out the will of God with pure obedience and Love. Jesus appointed him to guide and teach the uncompromising truth to the heads and people of God throughout the World! He always asks Jesus and I quote:

"Wherever our feet shall tread upon, we ask that you give us the land, Lord."

He is a living and breathing Word of God. He challenges all in their hearts and in their thinking. He allows the Holy Spirit to use him in a mighty way. He boldly speaks and stands strong in his contact with the dark world.

He teaches God's people not to fear anything in this life, only to reverence God.

He is a father to the fatherless, friend, Pastor, healer, loves the poor, food for the hungry, life for the lifeless. I love my Pastor, he is a great example that anyone can see the light of Christ in his eyes.

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