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Apostle Sherry Glenn

by Monica
(Indianola, MS USA)

I can truly say that I am truly blessed to be a part of Endtime Encounter Church Ministry of Indianola, Ms., under the founder, overseer, and pastor Apostle Sherry Glenn. Some may know her by Pastor Sherry Martin. She is a true woman of God, won't take down for nothing. One of her well known sayings is, "there's no partnership in God." Meaning she's not taking no one's side but the truth and that is God.

I truly thank God for placing me and my family under this great woman of God. I've never seen a pastor like her at all. When things came up against my family and me she was right there. When I lost my son, she was RIGHT THERE. I can say God dwells on the inside of her. And LORD, I do thank You for her a pastor after His own heart. Thank You LORD.

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My pastor
by: Mother Scott

Hi never count me out because I'm not my own.Thanking my pastor,yes this is personal.She has prayed for me in season and out of season.I need to let her know that I am grateful and fully charged up in the Word of God.Pastor will stand the test of time with you but we must be real with ourselves first, then with God.Thank you Pastor for letting me know that through Christ all things are possible.

A True Woman of God
by: Sheila Williams

Apostle Sherry Glenn is a true woman of God. My life changed when I became a member of Endtime Encounter Church. I thank God for my Leader. She not only Preaches the word, she also walks the walk. Apostle Glenn is truly a BLESSING to all of the members.

Dr. Glenn
by: Delois Kinchen

I can truly say about Dr. Glenn that she stands on the word of GOD and won't take down for nothing or nobody. If you don't want to hear the truth then I suggest you stay where you are. Because at ENDTIME ENCOUNTER!!! YOU WILL GET THE TRUTH EVEN IF IT CUTS YOU LIKE A TWO EDGE SWORD!!!! I thank GOD daily for her because she is a real and anointed woman of GOD!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU MY DR. GLENN!!!! May GOD continue to rain blessings in your life as well as your family!!!! GOD keep her and her family COVERED UNDER THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!!! IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!!!

by: Brandon Narrell Moore

I remember back in 2002 when I first join the ministry I must say I have been truly and yet is Bless by the ministry and the Great woman of God who truly has a heart for many whom she comes in contact with I have experince many great things in the spirit rim and yet is exccited what God is continuing to do for those who believe as God continue to lead her to take us where we need to go in God. Be Bless

thank you for continue to pray for me and the family.
by: rosie tribbett


a chosen vessel
by: Sandra

My Pastor,Dr. Sherry Glenn.
I'm talking about a good ambassador, a person that's after Gods heart,a person that dares to be different,a perfect gift of God to not only me but to everyone.

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