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Apostle Ronnie & Pastor LaShandra Jenkins

(Fort Pierce, FL)

Hello World!

I just want to share with the world in a few words what I have been blessed with all of my life. Apostle Ronnie Jenkins and Pastor LaShandra Jenkins are truly gifts from God. I am impressed by their humility and unconditional love. On many occasions they have been overlooked, unappreciated, and under estimated. Nevertheless they have shown unconditional love through it all.

I watched them take the back seat to their ideas to allow others to proceed with them. This man and woman are able to do it because they genuinely love Jesus and his people. What’s so special about these two individuals is that they are able to see past people’s inadequacies and compel the best out of people through their compassion and guidance.

They are the Apostle and Pastor of Faith Restoration Worship Center is located in Fort Pierce, Florida. They have four delightful kids and several embraced children. During their 7 years of pastoring Apostle Ronnie and Pastor LaShandra through total submission to the Holy Spirit will preach the unadulterated word and reveal the mysteries of the word of God effortlessly.

Most people speak highly of their Pastor and show affection to the pastor’s wife. However, my Apostle and Pastor is a "dynamic duo" that manifests God’s dunamis power. Dunamis means to have the ability, capacity, vigor, strength, not lacking, or not being deficient. Apostle Ronnie and LaShandra Jenkins both contain dunamis power that will impact, influence, and TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN.

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Unconditional love
by: Tanya

The impact you all have made over my life has been unexplainable. I WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR PETER❤️

by: Keara

Hey Apostle and Pastor I am very thankful for GOD blessing me by putting you guys in my life. You have been there for me in many situations when I was down. You are the most humble and loving people that I have ever met(known) & you do things without expecting a favor in return. I love you not just as leaders of my church but as an Uncle and Auntie. Thank you so much for leading me in the right direction to God. (P.S. Auntie thanks for the help in the hair situation LOL)

by: curtis randolph

I love them not because they are my auntie or uncle but my pastor and apostle who teach me what I need to know. they are very powerful. they don't forget where they came from. that's why I love them.

sincerely Curtis Randolph the third.

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