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Apostle CC Doss

by Your #1 Cheerleader
(Springfield, IL )

Thank you Apostle for being a pillar and anchor in the body of Christ. You gave yourself to God at the age of 12, and started preaching the gospel at age 13. Now it is 40 years later you have not wavered in your calling to share the gospel message with the world. I have seen you give people the shirt off your back. You are known for your awesome prayer life. You have helped so many men who had drug addictions, who where drug dealers, who have felony's on their records, get free from the their old lifestyles and addictions. Get blessed with good paying jobs. When they and their families had not place to go you found them a place to lay their heads. You have touched so many lives across this country. And when people hear your name, signs, wonders, healing, and deliverance follows it. Many people don't tell you THANK YOU. But yet you manage to keep your head up and keep working for the kingdom. But I want you to know that you are not only going to get your reward in heaven. God is going to bless you down hear on this earth. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. For not leaving the body of Christ and for always preaching the gospel message which is Jesus died that we do not have to be sick, in sin, in poverty or go to hell. OH! I can't forget to say thank you for sharing your gifts and your musical talents as well. Not every pastor is an author or can sing, write songs, play the keyboard, organ, drums, bass guitar, lead guitar, train the choir, and direct the choir. You are truly a gift. I love you and thank God you are in my life. You are God's Prince.

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