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Apostle Anthony D. Young

by Shantay Johnson
(Millville, New Jersey)

Proud to call you my apostle!
A man who teaches the word of God,
the word of truth that gives the people power...
the power of love....the love of God!
A man who not only hugs the sheep, but
touches the heart of his flock.
The sheep know his voice and are blessed by his presence.
A man who teaches the medicinal benefits of laughter, and the financial benefits of giving.
A man whose singing brings light into dark places,
and pierces the heart into conviction.
A man whose smile actually means " I love you",
A man whose eyes say " I'm praying for you"
A man whose lessons from the pulpit make you jump up and say I can take on the world, bring it on!
A man who everyone has heard of, most people know, who many people want, but we have him! Because he chose to stay our shepherd...
A man I appreciate and love, and who I am proud to call "My apostle

Comments for Apostle Anthony D. Young

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You are truely missed
by: Your beloved niece armani

Thank you for continuing to bless me everyday i miss and love you so much can’t wait to see you again

Rest In Heaven
by: LaRhonda Thompson

I miss you Apostle Anthony. May you rest in heaven. You will forever be in our hearts.

Word of Prophesy that was spoken in my Life
by: Yvonne Henderson

Thank you for the Prophet now Angel of God you are. You Blessed my Soul... Now Im walking in the Newness of Christ

From your God-daughter
by: Jonica Steward

Its been a few years now that you've been gone. I miss and love you sooooo much. Miss you giving me kisses on my cheeks or forehead every time you saw me. I miss your craziness. I miss coming to your church services, hearing and watching you preach the almighty words of the Lord. I just miss everything, the good old days. Wish you were still here today to see how big, smart, funny, and beautiful I got, but I know your looking down smiling on me, my cousins, and Aunt Karen. Once again, we love and miss you more than ever❤️. R.I.P apostle Anthony Young 🙏

Power House
by: Marisa Y. Britt

Anthony, it has been a long time, the last time I heard you sing and preach,It has been about10 years, and I see that God has made you to be a Powerful Man of God. Thanks for your words of wisdom from God that you poured into my life thank you. Thanks for your preaching, singing and dancing for the Lord, your prayers, and words of wisdom.I want you to know that I am still on the battle field for,"My Lord", until I die.Rest in peace my dear friend. My prays will be for your family and church family as you prayed for me.Psalm 34:8 Oh taste and see that the Lord is good:blessed is the man that trusteth in him. I trustyou Lord, He is in a safe place he is home with you Father.

Well Done Good and Faithful Servant
by: min.jacqueline palmer

i was going thur the website and brother name came up i met apostle young at highway tabernacle fbh chruch under the pastor martin palmer my brother could preach, teach he had this glow about him i just found out today that he has gone up in heaven 10/12/2012 one thing about brother he did not need anyone to root him on he did it himself and he kept it real his liveing and preaching and teaching has not been in vain he was a man of god called to preach the word of god to the people of god! he didnot mind praiseing him. and the brother could dress a remmber the cream suit he wore and looked like a glowing angel and when he open his mouth he brought the word with so much power i thank god for knowing him you will be miss min palmer

RIP Apostle
by: Darnelle

Wow never would think that I would hear that you have gone on to be with the Lord at such a short time, at times I find myself remenissing on a lot of the good times we shared at church together.I wish that you could hear me play the organ now I've went off too do bigger and better things in florida I wish that you where around so I could share with u and your church what I've learned So all I wanna say is that I thank you for pushing me to do better when it comes to the musical aspect cuz it wasn't easy. You always liked my playing even when it wasn't good LOL!!!! but now I am one of the best musicians in the world and I thank you so much cuz you gave me a chance when no one gave me the time of day things may not have been the best all the time but for the most part I luv you and I hope that you are in a better place now where you can be at a peaceful resting place with your name on it I luv you and RIP and hope to see you on the other side.

gone but not forgotten
by: elder caleb johnson

still in shock trying to adjust knowing that god makes no mistakes be in peace my brother will see you again on the other side..

by: Anonymous

Apostle Anthony Young miss you so much you mean so much to you very much

Love You R.I.P.

From the Allen and Gunter Family with much love.

What A Mighty God We Serve
by: Elder Rachel Rhett

Where do I begin well I met Apostle when he was 17yrs.old.I watched him grow into a wonderful man of God hold a five fold ministry.I served under him faithfully for 10 years as his administrator learning soooo much from him.My heart is truly broken gone much too soon.He often said "I don't know what i would do without you." but now I find myself saying those same words to him now....I know he's in a better place and i have fond memories.And can remember when he told me God called him to pastoralship and how his willingness to please God was so inspiring to me.He was a very anointed person and loved people never stopped learning new information to share with God's people.If I could say one thing that Apostle Young would say is run for Jesus with all you have.To the Shabach family Apostle Young have imparted in all our lives.Go and declare the mighty works of the Lord.And know all his hard work wasn't in vain Make our Apostle proud!!!!

Thanks my brother
by: Leonard Randolph

I met the young Anthony when my former church in DC visited his grandmother's church in Chester, PA. Anthony and his grandmother opened up their home to me during the low points of my life. Anthony was my lifetime brother. We talked like brothers. I know he's DANCING with the Lord right now. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES BUDDY!!!

Washington, DC.

Apostle A nthony D Young
by: Elder Stephanie Genwright

Apostle Young was a person who was anointed and had a great passion for life. His ability to love God's people when they were not easy to love was and is a testament to the grace of God.Though it seems as if his life was cut short, he was wise beyond his years. He accomplished what many has yet to aspire too. The best way to keep his memory alive would be to exemplify the love he had for all people. He loved unconditionally all kinds of people no matter what walk of life he embrace all Gods creation. I am praying for his biological family and church family be blessed

little sister and friend
by: Andrea Grant

I would like to take this time to say, what a honor and privilege it is to have met Apostle Young. It was just November when he came to minister here in Boston. Before he left Boston he nicknamed me his ''LITTLE SISTER'' even though I am older than him. We loved him, but Jesus loved him best and called him home. My heart is saddened , but I know the hope is that one day we shall meet again.

#2 of the phophesy of Apostle young
by: Apostle Shad Lee

APOSTLE YOUNG I TOLD YOU GOD had a plan for you
you change my life .just being around you showed me
my goal in life, you is my brother and our father knows best i will pick up were you we are that army of GOD the plan if GOD in our life is great, Apostle young welcome to the divine army of GOD were there is no more dying and our father is your strength.Family's and Friend's of apostle young fight the good fight of faith.Family He is okay has journey is not over.
GOD has call him to rule with a rod of iron in this last and evil day Christ is near. THE HOLY GHOST IS MOVING IN ME WITH GREAT POWER as WE SPEAK.I PROMISE YOU I WAS GOING TO SOW A SEED .

My Godbrother & Collegue in the Gospel
by: Apostle D. La'Mar Stoudmire

I have had the honor and privilege to serve his ministry for two years as church administrator, and minister of music for Shekinah Glory Church in Wilmington, DE and Sha'Bach Powerhouse in Millville, NJ. It was an opportunity that God afforded me.

One of the fondest memories of Apostle Young was his ability to lead the people into "high praise" and a "prophetic worship" that was paramount. He knew how invoke the presence of God. He had a passion for people and ministry that was uncompared to most men and women I knew in ministry for years. I have share platform on a major scale with Bishop G.E. Patterson, Bishop L.H. Ford (late presiding bishops of COGIC), Bobby Jones on The Word Network, and the list goes on. There is no compared to working with Apostle Young in his evangelistic ministry. It was something to experience.

He will always be a man of faith, and praise too many including myself. He encouraged me and gave me a chance when everyone else didn't.

Let us continue to pray for the long journey ahead that is set before the remaining family members.

R.I.P. Apostle Anthony D. Young!!

In His Dominion,
Apostle D. La'Mar Stoudmire -Senior Pastor & Founder
The Kingdom Dominion Church - Newark, DE
Chief Apostle / Presiding Prelate
Dominion Fellowship of Ministries International

Apostle Anthony Young a GREAT PREACHER
by: Elder Robert Ware

I met Prophet Young when he was in his early 20's and he came and preached for us in North Carolina. This Young Man of God was a preaching MACHINE. I Introduced him to Pastor Shirley Caesar, and had him to preach at our Mt. Calvary Holy Church State Convocation for the North Carolina Jurisdiction. I have not talked to him in several months, but I miss his life already. He was also someone you could talk to. A TRUE Anointed and Gifted Man of God.
Much Love and Prayer to the Family and his Church Family during this time of your celebration of his Life.

God's Love In Action
by: Apostle Diane Ross Brown

Your boldness to speak and preach the truth is a reminder that God will show up in those who are willing to allow Him to be their God.
To know Apostle Anthony Young was to know God's love for His people. It's time to rest from your labor.

A Friend and Brother
by: Elder Shandolyn Wilson

Apostle Young for his young age was a force to be reckoned with. A true preaching machine. I have many opportunities to watch him minister and move in the mighty anointing of God. He will truly be missed. My prayers and love to his family and church family

Elder Shandolyn Wilson
Boston, MA

God's True Seer & Anointed Son of God
by: Rev. Kim Stubbs

Truly, God has graced us with the life of Apostle Anthony Young. I had the opportunity to attend 2 workshops @ Keys of the Kingdom, Brockton, MA (Apostle Naomi Burton/Pastor & Founder) which Apostle taught. The dimension of God's prophetic voice within these classes was astounding and truly affected my life.

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