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Apostle Alfred Showers, Sr.

by Kelly Barze
(Hammond, Louisiana)

Apostle Alfred Showers is an anointed teacher with a passion for instructing and encouraging the Body of Christ. Many agree that an encounter with Apostle Showers is an unforgettable experience, and this is a universal reaction to all who know him or have heard him teach.

Apostle Showers is a simple yet remarkable man who is used in an extraordinary way by an extraordinary God. He posses a contagious and inspiring measure of faith beyond natural belief.

Comments for Apostle Alfred Showers, Sr.

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A Father
by: Tyra Banks

When I came to SOBDT, I was broken and hurting. The congregation loved on me- welcomed me into the family. Elect Lady adopted me as her own and Pastor Showers treated me like a daughter. He carried me in his spirit and prayed for me. Til this day, whenever I am going through something Pastor Showers calls me out of the blue- almost like he can sense that I am struggling. I am blessed to have him as a spiritual father. I can tell him about anything that I am struggling with. He invited me to stay safely in their home during a hurricane, he fed me when I didn't have food and invited me to join his family on outings. He even taught me how to make a budget for my household. I struggled for years with different issues. No matter how ashamed or afraid I was, Pastor Showers never judged me or talked about my business behind my back. He comforted me using the Word of God. He challenged me to study complex topics in the Bible. He was straight up and honest, yet loving and compassionate. God sent Pastor Showers to give me the guidance and advice that my father never gave. Pastor Showers is a blessing to everyone who knows him.

Sent From Heaven
by: Minister Carol Briggs

Ahhh! Where could I begin? There is so much that I could say about my Pastor, and foremost, THE APOSTLE.

First, let me begin with thanksgiving in my heart to God for having you, Apostle Showers, and Elect Lady Sopheia positioned and in place to receive a soul such as myself, into your ministry.

My God, when I first came to Showers of Blessing I was searching for something different for my life. I was searching for a move of God to take place in my life. I was needing for God to move in my life and he moved me to You and Elect Lady.

I had gone through so many things in my life and had previously been diagnosed with a dreadful Lung Disease called Sarcoidosis and the doctors told me that I would have it the rest of my life. I knew that God had promised me life, but I was lacking in the department of faith. On top of that my husband walked out on me when I came home from the hospital and had no means of support financially. My daughter had to move in to take care of me and pay My bills, parents and siblings had to help me buy medicine that I could not afford because I had no insurance nor money and doctors told me that without my treatments and meds "I would die". But thats not what God told me.

The prolonged use of Steroids had began to deteriorate my bones causing me to develop osteoarthritis and the deterioration of cartilage in both knees, in which I could barely walk or stand.

But when I heard Elect lady teach a lesson in Leadership Class in 2008 about the Apostolic Anointing and the role that the Apostle play in the church and the shifting in the wind, I knew I had to be a part of their ministry.

The Apostle has shown me and my family so much love and concern not just for our souls but for us being people that I have to just Thank God for him and ask God to bless he and his family abundantly. I have so much love for my Leaders that I do not believe that I would find such genuineness anywhere else.

The teaching that we receive there is so real with them til you could just feel it flowing out of them into you. I have come a mighty long way. Glory To God! The Apostle and Elect Lady are teaching me how to stand firmly on the word of God, how to walk into my destiny, how not to settle for anything less than what God has already promised, how to live a life for God and God alone and believe that God will do just as he promised. We may not always understand it, but keep on trusting, believing, praising, worshiping, until God comes through. Why? Because it is not always what it seems.

Thank you Apostle Showers and Elect Lady Showers for seeing what God had put down in me and pulling it out so that I can have all that God has for me, if I would just obey and make myself available to him.

Be Encouraged because God is not finished with YOU. I am a product of what God is releasing and what God is doing at Showers Of Blessing.

My Rare Treasures......Gifts From God
by: Evang. E. Buchanan

Apostle & Elect Lady
I just want to stop by to encourage the Apostle and Elect Lady, my leaders to keep pressing toward the mark and know that your labor is NOT in vain in the Lord. No matter how things look, or how bad things seem, God is in your midst, and YOU are in His will. I KNOW for a true certainty, that you are led of God and that you are both pastors after God's own heart. I don't say a lot, but I intercede in prayer for both of you. I see your struggles in the spirit, and I see how you endure and travail, and rise up victorious every time. It's an awesome example to follow, and I do it gladly.

As a spiritual daughter, and a daughter in Zion, I thank God for leading me to be a part of this ministry, and placing my soul in your hands. As I trust God, I trust the God in you, as you follow Christ, I follow you, with no drawback spirit. As I lift you up, I'll be lifted up; and we lift up Christ together.

Don't change, don't rethink what God has given have allowed the Lord to use you both to speak LIFE into many hearts and souls that were dying for lack of spiritual nutrition and knowledge. I'm a living witness that God has chosen both of you to walk together through every storm, and bring forth the SON, the Light and speak Peace in every dark situation in your life, and in my own spiritual and natural life. When my grandson died, you were there for me, when the doctors said I wouldn't live through the disease I had, you were right there believing God with me, praying with me and for me, and rejoicing with me when God healed me.

In this hour in which we live, there is no greater way to draw souls to the kingdom, than by the life we live.YOU HAVE TAUGHT ME HOW TO BE a living epistle, a walking Bible, that all men read. You have impacted my life, for the rest of my life; you are both rare treasures from Heaven; and I am proud to tell everyone that you are my pastors; and to stand beside you in all things.

Continue to walk upright before Him, and know that there is no good thing that God will with hold from you. You are both destined for greatness in the kingdom.

If you are reading this and can't honestly say these things about YOUR pastor, you may need to seek the Lord for a new church home...because God wants you to have the best!!!

Young men, young women, if you want a true role model, don't look at those in sports and entertainment industry...look to Jesus, then look at Apostle and Elect Lady Showers!!

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