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A'nesis Retreats - Colorado

by Trudy M. Johnson
(Buena Vista, Colorado)

Sanctuary Retreat Center

Sanctuary Retreat Center

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working at a Christian counseling agency in Colorado. After six years working with the wives of pastors and also the pastoral marriages, I began to see some incredible woundedness in the wives of pastors and incredible burn-out with their pastor husbands.

All the while I was being burdened in the area of pastoral and ministry leadership, little did I know a fabulous retreat center was being built just a few miles down the road from where I live.

Eventually, God put the idea He was laying on my heart together with the Sanctuary Retreat Center. From this was born the Anesis Retreats concepts. The retreats offer three venues for hope and healing.

(1) A four day retreat that brings three pastors' wives or ministry leaders together at once to connect and renew their hearts.

(2) Individual counseling retreats for ministry wives and women ministry leaders.

(3) Marriage counseling sabbaticals for pastoral couples needing to get-away and re-connect.

Anesis Retreats Website

Toll-free Number: (877) 283-3493

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