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My-Pastor Minute, Issue #002 -- Good News and Bad News
December 12, 2006
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Date: December 12, 2006

Issue Number 002

Table of Contents:

  • Pastor Appreciation Idea: The best way to your pastorís heart is through his stomach.
  • Gift Idea: Save Him Both Time and Money.
  • Article: Iíve got good news and bad news.
  • Whats New at Laughter and Taxes.


The Best Way to Your Pastorís Heart

Actually, you are already in your pastorís heart. But during the holidays your pastorís family is entertaining more than ever. So a great way to show your pastor appreciation is to Ö well Ö feed him!

Here are some ideas.

  • A turkey.
  • A ham.
  • A sack of potatoes.
  • A mix for rolls or biscuits.
  • Canned or frozen vegetables.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Dessert: pie, cake, cookies.

You are already in your pastorís heart Ö but it never hurts to do a little extra just to make sure :-)


A New Pastor Gift Idea: Save Him Time and Money

The perfect pastor gift is something that can save him both time and money. Great bible study software can do both. Good bible software contains many of the books that pastors normally purchase to help them with their studies. And by putting all those books within a click of a mouse saves time. I use the Logos Scholar's Library in my own studies. I have open on one screen three versions of the bible, including the Hebrew or Greek texts. Those texts have links like web pages. Links take you directly to commentary, map, or dictionary entries. Instead of getting out of my chair, taking a book off the shelf, searching the index, and finding the right page, I have what I need instantly.

This is the best pastor bible study software I know. It might make the perfect group gift.


Christmas Brings Good News and Bad News for Pastors

Christmas is a very busy Ė and expensive Ė time of year for everyone. Pastorís, though, are hit doubly hard. November and December are your churchís busiest ministry months. And your pastor is somehow involved in nearly everything that is going on.

In addition, think about the family who lost their father/husband last year, the woman who is experiencing her first Christmas as a widow, and the man who will be without family on Christmas day because of a recent divorce. Your pastor is ministering to them behind the scenes.

There are also people in your church and community who are unable to afford presents for their kids or a decent holiday meal. Your pastor probably knows these people and their needs. He is trying to meet those needs as best as he can.

Then there is the fun side of Christmas: parties, shopping, concerts, caroling, and eating!

Pastors love the holidays because it usually means increased worship attendance, creative sermons, parties, and an all around great feeling at church.

But because the holidays are so busy at church, your pastor and his wife probably wonít be able to attend many Ö if any Ö of their own familyís celebrations. Thatís especially true if he lives far away from his parents and siblings.

Your pastor doesnít mind Ė he is more than happy to be with you on Christmas.

But Iíd just like to encourage you to show some extra pastor appreciation during the holidays. He and his family will be grateful for your kindness.


Whatís New at

Since tax season is just around the corner (at least in the USA), I added a couple pages about pastor taxes.

And because taxes are so depressing, I also added a couple pages of Christian humor: Christian jokes and church jokes.


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Thank you for your ministry to your minister.

Dan Sherman
Michigan, USA

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