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Rev. Dr. Randy Willers

We have the most wonderful Pastor at Salem Lutheran Church in Moline. We have been blessed for 10 years with his kindness, guidance, caring and compassion.

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What are we celebrating?

One New Years Day, my husband and I attended that morning mass having had rung in the New Year's Eve with a quiet evening at home. As we sat in our pew

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Unexpected Offering

So here my husband and I are at church ---- we are at the time in the mass where the offering basket is passed from person to person and pew to pew starting

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Christian Pastor Retreat - Tenesee

We have two cabins in Northeast Tennessee where those in ministry can relax without a program or counselling. There are many free things to do. We are

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Hosanna Homestead - Michigan

Hosanna Homestead is a three room and bath suite located in ten acres of woods near Kalamazoo, Michigan. It is on the second floor of a private home with

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REST Ministries / Shepherd's Gate Inn - Indiana

Shepherd’s Gate Inn, located at 565 E William and Mary Drive, Martinsville, In 46151-5822. The Inn is an elegant 11,314 square-foot country estate, magnificently

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Pastor Judy E. Harrison

Dr. Judy Elaine Harrison is the Pastor of New Dimensions Worship Center in Houston, Texas. Dr. Harrison founded New Dimensions Worship Center December

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Great Book! Loved It!

Keep up the good work! May God continue to bless you and your work.

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Winshape - Refresh & Renew - Georgia

A four-night/five day retreat for senior/lead pastors that focuses on refreshment, renewal and restoration for both the ministry leader and their spouse.

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Pastor Christopher E. Cabiness

I am so grateful for my Pastor for being the young leader whom he is. Pastor Cabiness is such a good Minister, Teacher and friend when you need one. He

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