Pastor's Wife Gifts

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Your pastor's wife is a special person. It reasons then that pastor's wife gifts should be special as well. Here are a few thoughts to help find the perfect gift for your pastor's wife.

  1. Most if not all her best friends attend other churches and probably live hundreds if not thousands of miles away.
  2. Pastor's wives often fill a non-official role at the church that closely resembles that of an assistant pastor.
  3. Pastor's wives frequently live far away from their parents and siblings. In addition, because of prior ministries and eight to ten years in college and seminary, most of her adult life has been spent away from her parents and friends. Her strongest support network probably lives a couple states away.
  4. Pastor's wives are very self-sufficient and strong. They do not often ask for help.
  5. I've listed below a few ideas for pastor's wife gifts. They are good ideas by themselves...but make them more personal by adding a little of yourself. Gifts that show that you know her, understand her situation, and appreciate her mean the most.

    Pastor's wife gifts are great any time...not just on birthdays and holidays.

    Ideas for Pastor's Wife Gifts

    Visit my pastor's wife gift store.

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    • Pay the monthly charges for a cell phone so she can stay in touch with friends and family.
    • Pay the airfare for her to visit family or friends. Work with her husband to make this a surprise she'll never forget.
    • A corsage on a Sunday morning for no special reason except to say, "She's special."
    • Babysit while she goes shopping.
    • Drop off supper (call first).
    • Buy a bag of groceries.
    • Get a group together and go wash her windows and screens.
    • Drop off a cup of her favorite cappuccino.
    • Get into the mindset that when you see special deals at stores such as buy one get one free, give the freebie to your pastor's wife.
    • A bookstore gift certificate.
    • Precious Moments

    • Pay for an overnight getaway for your pastor and his wife... provide babysitting if necessary.
    • Offer to keep her kids overnight on a Friday night.
    • Pay for dinner and a show for the couple...provide babysitting if necessary.
    • Take her to a matinee movie while her kids are at school.
    • Show your pastor appreciation... when he's discouraged she is too.
    • Get a group of ladies together and go shopping at an outlet mall a days trip away...add a mall gift certificate to make this pastor's wife gift even better.
    • Arrange and pay for her best friends to visit over her birthday.
    • Flowers for her dinning room table.
    • A Special Gift Basket
    • Fresh fruit and vegetables...especially if they are from your garden or farm.
    • A walk in your woods with her husband.
    • Fence in her back yard so she can let her small children play in safety (ask first).
    • Call her when your horse has just delivered so she can see a newborn kick up its heels...don't laugh...I once helped a farmer deliver a calf. It gives you a new perspective when you watch an animal living in pure joy!
    • Provide the down payment for her dream home.
    • Find out what kind of things she enjoyed before she was in ministry. Make it happen for her again. The schedule of ministry and the expectations of church members often encourage a pastor's wife to be more conservative in areas where she would sometimes rather let loose. Help her do that...even if you have to take her two hours away so no one else from the church sees.

    Visit my pastor's wife gift store.

    Once you have your pastor's wife gifts, shop for her children.

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