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My-Pastor Minute, Issue #013 - Three Pastor Appreciation Mistakes
April 25, 2009

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Date: April 26, 2009

Issue Number 013

Table of Contents:

  • Pastor Appreciation Idea: Three Pastor Appreciation Mistakes
  • Gift Idea: A Basket of Appreciation
  • What's New at


Pastor Appreciation Idea: Three Pastor Appreciation Mistakes

As I interact with churches regarding pastor appreciation I see three very common mistakes. Most congregations genuinely want to encourage their pastors. Unfortunately, good intentions don't always translate to affective results. Quite often, poor results are caused by one or more of the following three mistakes.

  • Assuming that someone else is taking care of it. This is by far the most common mistake congregations make. Everyone thinks that someone should organize something for pastor appreciation. But few people think that they should be that someone. How can you ensure that this mistake doesn't occur in your church? Ask a church leader today if you can help plan and organize something for pastor appreciation. If something is already being planned, get involved. If nothing is being planned, start planning it yourself.
  • Waiting for an established leader to approve your plans. This mistake relates to the first. Once you ask for permission to plan an activity or event you may have to wait for leadership meetings to take place and for someone to get back to you. Obviously you can't organize a church-wide activity or special service without leadership approval. But there are hundreds of ways you and others from your congregation can work together to show your pastor appreciation. Don't wait for official approval - that takes too long!
  • Waiting for an official program, service, or event. I strongly encourage churches to plan special services and/or events to show pastor appreciation. A banquet or special worship service set aside to honor your pastor is a great way to provide encouragement. But don't wait until something official like that is planned. Show your appreciation today. Send your pastor a note. Pray for him. Take his children bowling. Wash his house windows. It doesn't really matter what you do - just do it. Don't wait for a special pastor appreciation Sunday.

These are the three most common mistakes congregations make. But they all have good reasons why they make them. So next month I'll discuss the most common excuses for not showing pastor appreciation.

A New Pastor Gift Idea: Fore! It's Golf Season

If your pastor plays golf he probably needs a few new golf balls. So give him some with your own message printed on it. You could have his name printed on the balls or add a touch of humor: "Please visit City Community Church and return this ball to the pastor." Print your own personalized message on any golf ball!


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