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My-Pastor Minute, Issue #030 - Pastor Christmas Gifts
December 06, 2011

1,500 pastors leave their churches every month in the United States because of conflict, burnout, or moral failure. Help keep your pastor from becoming part of that statistic. Use every available resource to encourage, support, and partner with your pastor. This ezine and give you a good start toward effectively ministering to your minister.

Date: December 1, 2011

Issue Number 030


One of Christmas's great dilemmas is, "What do we get for pastor this year?" At this time of year is busy trying to answer that question. But before I make a few suggestions, let me set the stage with a couple thoughts.

1) Your pastor probably doesn't live near his extended family. He or she has responsibilities at your church during the holidays. That makes it difficult to be with his extended family during the holidays.

2) Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are busy times for everyone. Your pastor is no exception. There are usually extra sermons to prepare. There are widows and widowers to minister to. There are people who've been told by doctors that this will be the last holiday season they will have on earth. There are Christmas programs and concerts. And there are all those church parties to attend. You know how busy this time of year gets. Your pastor experiences it too. Pray for him and plan to show a little bit extra appreciation at this time of year.

3) It is very appropriate to give a gift to your pastor and family for Christmas. It's not required, of course. But I know from experience that being remembered at Christmas means a great deal - and is a huge encouragement.

But what do you get your pastor? Here are a few ideas...

1) A side of beef or other type of meat for the freezer.

2) Money - you know that the holidays can be expensive. It's expensive for your pastor too.

3) A gift certificate to a restaurant. That gives your pastor and spouse an "excuse" to go out and relax.

4) Giving something to your pastor's children is like giving your pastor a gift. You know how it makes you feel when someone thinks about your kids. Your pastor will be encouraged too.

5) A gas gift card so that traveling to see family won't be so expensive.

6) Don't forget your pastor's wife. You might want to give a gift certificate for a massage, a gift card to a clothing store, or a beautiful plant to adorn their home.

7) Make them feel special at your Christmas service. Give your pastor and spouse flowers to wear.

8) Write a personal note in the Christmas card you send them. Don't just sign your name. Wish them a merry Christmas and describe how much you appreciate them.

9) Volunteer to visit people who can't get out to holiday services. This will be a huge encouragement to your pastor.

10) See more gift ideas here.


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What's New?

I now have a new eBook that discusses in greater detail the issues of pastor burnout. It is the Pastor Burnout Workbook. Whether you are a pastor or a person in the congregation, this workbook will help you understand and defeat burnout. Get yours now!

Thanks for ministering to your minister!

Dan Sherman

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