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Rev. Anthny A.K. Hodge, Sr.

by Sis. Vinson
(El Sobrante, Ca)

Rev. Anthony A.K. Hodge & Sis. Darlene

Rev. Anthony A.K. Hodge & Sis. Darlene

I'm glad that I was suspected of "bragging" on our Pastor because that's how I discovered this site!

I am so proud and grateful that the Lord sent Pastor Anthony A.K. Hodge and his lovely wife, Darlene to little 'ole Rodeo, California! I could go on and on, but I will say this: our Pastor is dedicated,loyal and faithful. He is passionate about his sheep and shepherds with a firm rod of loving correction. He keeps a hand in all that we do; guiding and directing. He takes full responsibility for our souls. When that church door is open, His arrival will not be long. He is intelligent and meek; Spirit filled and obedient to God's voice. He continually steps out on faith and leans on the Word of God; not his own reasoning. Sis. Hodge? A beautiful woman of God; strong and resilient. A true helpmate to our Pastor with a winning and easy smile. Two hearts of gold and God has joined them together in holy matrimony "as one." What a blessing! They are both sensitive and loving. This Pastor and wife are visionaries and they epitomize a Godly union. They are an example to married couples and those who have contemplated marriage. And they are not selfish, ignorant or "puffed up." They are generous souls; full of life, radiant with God's light shining about them; leading and guiding; tirelessly. They truly give so much of themselves to us; countless sacrifices. Are we giving back as much as they give to us? Are we giving back a "measure" of what they give? The countless things that they do are being done to God's glory and to the building up of God's kingdom. I ask myself that and have a desire to do so much more. We are "grateful." And we love them both! We must continually lift them up in prayer; without ceasing. Should they tire and become weary? God forbid! Grateful....Sis. Vinson

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I'm proud
by: Anonymous

Rev. Hodge, it warms my heart to hear you are blessed in your life. I saw Winston who told me you were well and that I could look you up. I'll try and look you up on this to me. Take care, your x-roommate Doug!

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