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My-Pastor Minute, Issue #005 - A Memorable Pastor Vacation
May 21, 2007
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Date: May 21, 2007

Issue Number 005

Table of Contents:

  • Pastor Appreciation Idea: A Vacation To Remember
  • Gift Idea: Can You Believe Those Gasoline Prices?
  • Whats New at Serve a Pastor Roast


A Vacation To Remember

What has God privileged you to own that your pastor does not own? Do you have a timeshare, a cabin, or a summer home? Do you own a boat, a camper, or a motor home? What do you possess that could make his familyís vacation a memorable one?

Pastors donít have their weekends off Ė Saturday and Sunday are often the busiest days of the week. And most pastors I know take only one day off each week Ė typically Monday, though Tuesday and Thursday are also popular. So when it comes to weekend fun, they donít usually think about camping or water skiing. They think about one-day trips with the family.

Iím sure that your church pays your pastor to take at least three weeks of vacation each year. Like you, he probably takes his family to visit cousins and grandparents during one or two of those weeks. But we all like to get away for a nice family vacation once or twice a year.

So do you have something that would make this yearís vacation extra special for your pastor?


A New Pastor Gift Idea: Can You Believe Those Gasoline Prices?

Iíve heard that gas prices in the USA are some of the cheapest in the world. So readers from Europe, Japan, and elsewhere will probably laugh a little bit about this complaint.

But as I write, gas prices have hit an all-time high in the USA. I think we all know what that has done to our personal finances. Any pay increase youíve received from your job has gone directly into your gas tank!

Unfortunately, pastors canít turn water into gasoline. So they are feeling the pain at the pump as well. So, if gas prices havenít eaten up all your extra cash, how about buying your pastor a gift card from a gas station.

If you sacrifice a little and get a few other people to contribute as well, you might even be able to give your pastor a card worth half a tank of gas!


Whatís New at

Serve a Pastor Roast

Some people sit around their Sunday lunch table and roast their pastor. Thatís probably not such a great idea. However, a true pastor roast can be a fun and encouraging addition to any pastor appreciation event. Read More Here.


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Dan Sherman
Michigan, USA

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