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My-Pastor Minute, Issue #032 - Your Pastor's Anniversary
March 01, 2012

1,500 pastors leave their churches every month in the United States because of conflict, burnout, or moral failure. Help keep your pastor from becoming part of that statistic. Use every available resource to encourage, support, and partner with your pastor. This ezine and give you a good start toward effectively ministering to your minister.

Date: March 1, 2012

Issue Number 032


When Is Your Pastor's Anniversary?

What was your pastor's first Sunday with your congregation? That's his anniversary date. This day is a great day to show your pastor appreciation.

When you celebrate Pastor Appreciation Sunday, it is more of a general celebration. But when you celebrate your pastor's anniversary you are honoring your pastor for another year of faithful ministry.

Unlike Pastor Appreciation Sunday, your pastor's anniversary is the perfect time to look back and then forward.

What has happened in your church over the past year? How has God shown himself faithful? What has your pastor done that is worth honoring? Spend time revisiting the past year (or years). Talk about the good that's been done.

Then take the opportunity to look forward. Spend time talking about your hopes and dreams for the next year. Your pastor should lead this discussion. What is his vision for the future?

See this section of for help celebrating your pastor's anniversary.


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What's New?

I have an eBook that discusses in greater detail the issues of pastor burnout. It is the Pastor Burnout Workbook. Whether you are a pastor or a person in the congregation, this workbook will help you understand and defeat burnout. Get yours now!

Thanks for ministering to your minister!

Dan Sherman

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