Sunrise Acres Retreat - Pennsylvania

by Ernest Eby
(Everett, PA)

Sunrise Acres Retreat

Sunrise Acres Retreat

Sunrise Acres Retreat Sunrise Acres Queen Bed Living Room Kitchen

Sunrise Acres Retreat is an affordable Christian Getaway and Meeting facility with 7 acres of meadows and 13 acres of forested mountainside.

The retreat facility is a farmhouse with four bedrooms that sleep 12 people. This house has a large living area that can also serve as a meeting room for as many as 35 persons. We offer Overnight and Day Use rentals of this facility.

We offer a 25% discount to those in Christian service who have limited income. Having been in ministry ourselves now for 15+ years, we are familiar with the financial and emotional demands that accompany Christian service. We wish to serve other missionaries, pastors, and folks involved in Christian ministry as best we can.

Sunrise Acres Retreat
A Christian Getaway & Meeting Facility

999 N. Milk & Water Rd.
Everett, PA 15537

Ernest & Cathy Eby
Phone: 814-795-7750

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