Billy O. Walker

by Stephanie Fairley
(Prentiss, MS)

Though there are many things I would like to say, I will only mention a few. Three words come to mind as I think of my pastor:


Without one reservation, Pastor Walker is one of the few. He is always giving credit to Jesus for everything good and taking credit for what goes wrong.


Through the years, Pastor Walker has faced many trials in the ministry. He readily admits mistakes and falters he has made and allows other to do the same. When those around him or members of the congregation make mistakes, he is long-suffering and very gracious when he needs to be. He is always ready to listen to what you have to say.


Pastor Walker has not changed. He faithfully preaches what God tells him to preach. I have never known my pastor to preach anything contrary to the Scriptures!

I have the greatest pastor on earth. I realized what a privilege it is to grow under a ministry like Word Fellowship Baptist Church. Praise God for a pastor like Pastor Billy O. Walker!

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